A German term for a fairly rich Sunday dinner, SONNTAGSESSEN used to be the one time during the week, when people traditionally treated themselves to, for example, meat and dessert. Similar to maybe the English Sunday Roast.

We are a group of five friends who, in 2013 / 2014, invited once a month around 20 people to a home cooked dinner. Those Sunday evenings we used to celebrate the chance to catch up with friends, enjoy good food together, unwind and to get to know new faces of the city and it's people.

Both menu and venue changed every time, as well as the people participating, so each event was unique and inspiring. Seeking out hidden spots in our urban environment, and conquering them by setting up handmade furniture, decorated with white linen, candles and garden flowers.

The produce we used was locally and seasonally grown, the meat sourced of animals bred and raised in their natural environment and we offered beer, wine and juices from regional companies and manufactories.