Being interested in Slow Fashion and locally produced products, I created a clothing label as a project to explore and learn from. Starting in 2014, I was working on it in my spare time for about one year.

Always admiring the cooling touch of my grandmothers bed linen, I decided to use upcycled cotton for the white garments, and certified organic cotton for the black. Due to a tight weave, both fabrics I selected are opaque, soft in touch, but also sturdy and strong to naturally stay in shape and withstand the test of time.

Designed with a sense of simplicity coupled with functionality, the garments are made for everyday life. The timeless and simple designs also guarantee quick production, in order to keep the price low. Sewn to order, the pieces would be given special attention to detail and thereby achieve a high quality standard to last.

Having done the direction, designs, pattern making, sewing of the samples, photography and a bit of marketing, I gained a lot more knowledge than expected and many more ideas :-) WEARS 12.jpg WEARS 13.jpg WEARS 14.jpg WEARS 11.jpg